Wednesday, 27 February 2008

Hunting AND Fishing

"I've got one I've got one YAHOO whoa that thing can pull" We went fishing a couple of moths ago we went fishing boy it was fun Look at this snapper!

Do you Know how much it weighs it said 17 pounds alot eh

AND we got up to a little bit of hunting as well we caught 3 BOARS.I don't know how much but I think around 1oo pounds but the pig that is only a head was only about 50


kieran said...

If you can't see the pig head in the middle put your head right up to the sreen and have a very close look

Moturoa said...

That snapper is ENORMOUS- just about as big as you are. It looks like you were in the Marlborough Sounds somewhere. I caught one once but just as I went to pull it into the boat it got away so I had no proof of how big it was!!!

You are quite the hunter! When you grow older you will never get hungry because you will know how to get your own food and not have to rely on a supermarket.

Allanah K

Smartphone said...
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kieran said...

miss k is this spam

AllanahK said...

Yes- unfortuantely it is. To get rid of it you can log in- then click on the blog post and click on the little picture of a rubbish bin on the comment and you can delete it.

It was good to see you the other day.