Saturday, 19 January 2008

pig hunt

A couple of weeks ago I went pig hunting with mark and Joesph we caught a 93 pound sow (girl pig) we drove round for awhile with the dogs on the back bt they didnt smell anything. mark then told joseph and me to go for a long walk half way on the walk butch tracked of and soon we could here him bailing then huston and mac got there and they caught it so we ran up there and stuck it. then joseph carryed it out to the road where mark was waiting with the truck. it was rather late by then so we drove on home.


Anonymous said...

Ninety-three pounds is a pretty big pig to stick.

What did you do with it when you get it home? Do you hang it for a bit and then eat it or do you feed them to the dogs.

Joseph must be pretty strong to carry it back out to the road?

Miss K

kieran said...

yeah I also when hunting yesterday as well we caught three pigs.I got photos of them but they are on my thow out camera

Moturoa said...

You will be very fit and healthy when school goes back.

I was thinking- do you got hunting at night or in the day time! It would be pretty hot hunting in the daytime heat but tricky going through the bush with wild pigs about in the dark!!!

Miss K

italiansoccer10 said...

Hey Kieran, this is italiansoccer10 from the United States of America. I have been blogging for sometime now and I think your blog page is great! I like that you have a clock and a video side bar that attracts alot of viewers to your web-site. I like your blog about the pig; a 93-pound pig-WOW!!!- impressive. That is a nice guitar that you got for Christmas!!

Fun Fact~ Did you know that when it is 12:25 P.M. it is only 6:25 P.M. here, so when it is Thursday where you are, it is, Wednesday where we are.

Well really NICE blog, keep up the good work! I'll be back to check out more info. that you put up.


Anonymous said...

hello from the Us of A.

I think that that is amazing how you, a 9 year old (no offence), could hunt a wild pig. There is no such thing as pig hunting up over here in New England; I've only read about bores and stuff like that. They seem pretty dangerous and all. You must be pretty brave to that kind of stuff. Coul you explain what to "stick" is? because I've never heard of it before, and also, how many pigs live around you?


PS: nice guitar and amp you got for Christmas.

Anonymous said...

I just found this on the internet and thought you might like to make a comic book.

Captain Underpants Comic

Miss K

Linor said...

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kieran said...

sticking is stabing it in the throat

kieran said...

we go hunting in the day but you can go spot lighting as well its when you let the dogs go and chase the noise of the pig sqeling or the dog barking at it but normally you'll take a holding dog so then it could kill it