Saturday, 19 January 2008

pig hunt

A couple of weeks ago I went pig hunting with mark and Joesph we caught a 93 pound sow (girl pig) we drove round for awhile with the dogs on the back bt they didnt smell anything. mark then told joseph and me to go for a long walk half way on the walk butch tracked of and soon we could here him bailing then huston and mac got there and they caught it so we ran up there and stuck it. then joseph carryed it out to the road where mark was waiting with the truck. it was rather late by then so we drove on home.

Tuesday, 1 January 2008

Elec gutiar

For Christmas I got this electric guitar.It is a probe it's a copy of a fender. I also got an laney amp.

stock cars

A couple of weeks ago Josh and I went to the stock cars. It had demolition derby on, it was wicked. I took some photos of the cars but they turned out to dark. (I took the photos on a throw out camera so the photos aren't very good.)