Monday, 16 June 2008


Its my birthday in 8 days and I'm going to invite 6 friends over and they are Tyler, Josh, Jayde, Dylan, Zach and Sam. We are going to Maccaz (MacDonald's) for dinner and then have a do a treasure hunt, then light the brazier and roast marshmellows and then sleep in the lounge and watch a movie and then we'll get up really early and then walk down the farm.


Moturoa said...

Goodness me Kieran. You'll be 10. Taller than your Mum before too long. Your plan for your birthday sounds pretty good to me. You seem to have it all sorted.

I hope the weather is OK for it.

Allanah K

PS Have a look on our class blog. I went to Sydney in the weekend for some computer training and took Mini-Dylan along for the ride.

Allanah K

Oscar said...

Cool Kieran my birthday is coming up